Pray like Jesus

Praying like Jesus doesn’t just change your prayer life; it changes your entire life.


This book will teach you how to pray more earnestly, more fervently, more joyously, more humbly, more frequently, more naturally and more  fruitfully. You will make prayer a central part of your life that helps to direct everything that you do.

There are many books on prayer, and books on Jesus, but there is a need for a book  about the prayer life of Jesus since His prayer life alone was the perfect prayer life. How did Jesus pray? Why did Jesus pray? Where did Jesus pray? These questions and  more will be examined as we look at what Jesus taught about prayer, as well as what Jesus modeled in prayer. This book will be biblical, practical, and easy to read so that it is accessible to a broad audience. Many people, Christian and non‐Christian alike, statistically value prayer and try to have some sort of prayer life. But most people struggle to build any momentum in their prayer lives when they fall into a rut.

In Pray Like Jesus, Mark and Ashley want to help people build momentum in their  prayer lives by experiencing the presence of God in an ever-deepening, life‐giving, burden‐relieving, and hope‐lifting relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Mark Driscoll

is the founding and senior pastor of The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a Jesus-following, mission‐leading, church‐serving, people‐loving, Bible‐preaching pastor and the author of many books, including Spirit-Filled Jesus and Win Your War. You can find his sermons, daily devotionals, and more on He has also debated Deepak Chopra on one of his multiple appearances on ABC’s Nightline, discussed marriage with Barbara Walters on The View, bantered with the hosts at Fox and Friends, co-hosted Loveline with Dr. Drew, and argued for the truth of God’s Word on separate occasions with Piers Morgan and D.L. Hughley on CNN.

Ashley Chase

is the Driscolls’ oldest of five children and is the Director of Real Faith. She studied theology at Capernwray Bible School in Costa Rica, is a graduate with honors from the Master’s program at Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College, recently married, and is a gifted Bible teacher, speaking and writing fluently in English and Spanish. She is involved with missions at The Trinity Church and was a campus leader for a prayer tent that has prayed day and night for over 10 years at Arizona State University, one of the largest universities in America.

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